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This was a web-site for my students at the Institute. Even though the Institute no longer exists my aim is still to put summaries, worksheets and other material here, which will help you with learning German.

It will be a “work in progress” site and will change / grow as time passes.

The material for year 1 and 2 will loosely follow the textbook “Willkommen” but other material can be found under the titles: Grammar, Vocabulary, Allerlei, etc.

I very much hope that this site will be of help to you and I am open to any suggestions to improve the site to your benefit.

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!

Here is some information about the links.

The radio link takes you straight to the German site. When you go to the home page you will have access to all European stations.Listen Live Personally, I listen to WDR 5 which I find a good station to listen to. Quite interesting topics and they speak standard German. Every evening they have a 30mins Children's programme from 18:30 - 19:00 (English time). The stories are cute and funny and the language is much easier to understand. You might like to listen to it.

The dictionary link takes you to LEO, a dictionary developed by Munich University.

The audio book link is for, where you can listen to poems and stories or download them free of charge.

If you are interested in German Liedermacher / Singers try:

Reinhard Mey, Herbert Grönemeyer

Both sing and compose their own songs and have been around for quite a while. If you know the film „Das Boot” you might recognize Herbert Grönemeyer.

Bookshop takes you to the European Bookshop website. They have a good selection of German books and the staff is very helpful. As far as I know you get a discount when you say that you do a course at the HGSI. Make sure you have your receipt handy.

Nancy Thuleen has created and assembled a number of very good worksheets. Have a look!

If you know of any useful links and would like to share it with others you are more than welcome to let me know and I will add them to the list.

Vielen Dank!


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